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  • Leadership with Global Impact

    I am an ordinary woman with extraordinary experiences. Once I was an overworked corporate executive who felt fairly stable and secure in my rise up the career ladder.  But after a series of tragic events...

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  • Virginia supports the development of personal, interpersonal, professional and organizational competencies to introduce change where it meets resistance.

    Among many challenges faced throughout her career as a community builder, mediator and strategic consultant in the United States and abroad, Virginia Swain has:
    • Developed a process of peace building and reconciliation where the people most affected by a challenge are part of the planning team to find their own solution
    • Applied this process to debriefing/de-escalating work with Muslim and Philippine government peacemakers working for the United Nations Peace Treaty Process after a bitter religious conflict
    • Facilitated teams undergoing integration during a major corporate merger of American Express and Thomas Cook
    • Coached and designed a strategic planning process for an Alaskan hospital
    • Designed and implemented peace-building interventions for former Yugoslavians and Rwandans, who brought their war with them to the United States
    • Created Reconciliation Leadership, a new leadership and development model for the United Nations community and today’s global citizens, who now guide workplaces and communities through difficult transitions.

  • When I first began work with the Reconciliation Leadership Certificate Program ... I had no idea that my part in global peace would become so personal.  My first global peace assignment was ME. I was a die-hard academic filled with intellectual arrogance. After all, I had PhD in International Human Rights Law!  But I still did not have inner-peace—the most important foundation to contribute to unity with our global sojourners. As I journeyed with Virginia’s vision, I found inner-peace resided in me. --Carolana Callaway, PhD, Reconciliation Leader

  • By going through the steps of the Reconciliation Leadership program, I have learned to listen within for insights and directions and to trust my inner fortitude.  That’s a big plus, indeed, with enhanced confidence as part of the inner journey.  --Gilles Asselin, International Consultant and Reconciliation Leader, Princeton, New Jersey

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