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    I am an ordinary woman with extraordinary experiences. Once I was an overworked corporate executive who felt fairly stable and secure in my rise up the career ladder.  But after a series of tragic events...

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  • I met Virginia soon after 9/11 as I was looking for help to articulate and live out my heart’s calling. As an American Muslim woman, I experienced myself as a container of the conflict in the world around me. America and Islam were being defined as being at odds, and yet, both make me who I am. I knew that I needed to bring these dimensions of me into harmony, and that I wanted to be a peace-builder. I began one-on-one coaching with Virginia, and then entered her certificate program in Reconciliation Leadership. Since then, Virginia has been a lifeline, an important mentor and guide. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and to me, among her most beautiful qualities is her dedication to prayer. This commitment to her own spirituality and connection to God is captured in “My Soul's Journey to Redefine Leadership: A New Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of 9/11”, in which she lives from the inside out, spirit brought into practice in the world, and inspires me to do the same. Reconciliation Leadership has reaffirmed for me the importance of being an integrated human being and the strength and necessity of this integration for the practice of leadership. –Dr. Sarah Sayeed, Reconciliation Leader and Public Servant, New York, New York

  • By going through the steps of the Reconciliation Leadership program, I have learned to listen within for insights and directions and to trust my inner fortitude.  That’s a big plus, indeed, with enhanced confidence as part of the inner journey.  --Gilles Asselin, International Consultant and Reconciliation Leader, Princeton, New Jersey

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